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Art Quilters Unlimited, Inc.

NEW Exhibit Policy effective 1/1/2014—if you are not here year round and still wish to participate in exhibits you must either: find someone who will be responsible for your work from take down until you return OR provide prepaid packaging so that your items can be mailed back to you at the end of the exhibit. It is an onerous task for the exhibit committee to be responsible for members work for such a long period of time in light of all their other duties. 

We do not wish to discourage members from participating in our exhibits; it is extremely important that we stay active in the art community or our organization will not thrive. This is a huge task so please find a way to participate in as many exhibits as possible.

All AQU sponsored exhibits are $15 regardless of the number of entries for members only. Exhibits that are open to non-members have an entry fee of $10 per entry.  This form must be turned in with all fees.
AQU Exhibit Opportunites and 
AQU Shows 2015-2016

Pushing Boundaries: Fiber Art by Art Quilters Unlimited

May 5 - 26, 2017
Alliance for the Arts
10091 McGregor Blvd.
Ft Myers, FL 33919

Due to size restrictions of our website, not all photos could be included in the display.
I encourage you to attend the exhibit to see the remainder of the wonderful quilts shown.​