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Find teachers, discuss with BOD on costing and scheduling, book teachers, discuss with members potential teachers and what they would want in fiber art.

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Natalya Khorover Workshop 


Would you like to create a memory like no other?
I will take you through the steps of creating a portrait of your home just like the commissioned artworks that I am known for.
You will use your own ephemera and photographs, and transform them into a meaningful and special artwork. 
You’ll need high-resolution photos of the outside of your home and some details.
Awesome ephemera, be it hankies, upholstery fabric or wallpaper samples, a deed, a map of the neighborhood or a local park, a copy of the local paper, a photo of beloved people, a treasured recipe copy, pennant from a favorite team, a wrapper from a special treat, or a coaster from a fave restaurant. You get the idea!
You’ll spend three days transforming your ephemera and your photographs into a 12"x12” portrait. You will brainstorm, play, plot and envision. You will collage, thread paint and hand stitch. And I will guide you every step of the way.

Some techniques and skills you will learn:

  • How to create an enticing composition

  • Collage tips for unusual materials

  • Stitching paper, dryer sheets, photographs, and more!

  • Machine thread sketching

  • Hand stitching and basic embroidery

  • Photoshops tricks!

SUPPLY LIST: Ephemera (some suggestions)

  • Deeds, maps and articles can show your home's past.

  • Wallpaper bits, upholstery samples, notes and construction documents can be used to suggest an important renovation or decorating project.

  • Ribbons, napkins, and recipe cards will help commemorate family gatherings and outings.

  • Postcards, passport pages, and ticket stubs can bring travel and outing memories alive.

  • Bits from articles of clothing, photographs, photos can be a remembrance of a life well-lived.

  • Birth announcements, speeches, veils, and baby socks can help record significant life events.

  • Some fun bits like candy wrappers, dryer sheets, color catcher sheets and gift wrap.

  • Single-use plastic bags with significant to you graphics, tea bags and packaging.

  • Several high resolution photos of your home or a favorite place printed out on plain paper 8 1/2x11

  • Tracing paper, pencil and thin black Sharpie marker

  • Ruler

  • Pellon 70 interfacing (one yard)

  • Two or three pieces of neutral fabric (about the size of a fat quarter)

  • Misty Fuse or other favorite lightweight fusible (one yard)

  • A variety of machine stitching threads and needles

  • A variety of hand stitching threads and needles

  • Fabric scissors

  • Paper scissors/craft scissors

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Thimble and other finger protection

  • Optional:

  • 12”x12” stretched canvas

  • Two or three small tubes of acrylic paint (preferably heavy body, and in your favorite colors)

  • Laptop with Photoshop Elements installed

  • Dates:
    Saturday January 20. 27 and February 3

    Time: 9:00 to 4:00 with 1 hour break for lunch  

    Place: Zoom

    Link will be sent to those signed up  prior to the start of classes 

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My Story

Started quilting 1982, always been an artsy kind of person, grew up with 4 brothers and both parents working so I was the "chief cook and bottle washer"! I always loved hand stitching, I still love my needle turn applique., after a class with Cathy Solheim (still remember her name) she took me under her wings in 1993 after my middle son born in WI. Moved to Scottsdale AZ 1997 to try the weather there, I HATE the cold, I came across Mainstreet Mavericks Art Quilters in Mesa AZ and I was hooked. I was also an educated Chef so working, family sure took a tole on my artistic fiber endeavors. After learning about a transfer to Florida I took the job at Ritz in Naples in 1999. Several years later I had a very bad accident that damaged my back and neck, so short story: 6 neck surgeries and back surgery took my ability to work. I got back into quilting and came across AQU in 2005. So I have been in and out, between surgeries creating and just enjoying life with my Artistic Peeps!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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