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This year-long challenge is organized by Holly Watson. Participating members exchange small bags of fabrics and embellishments anonymously and create works of art from the materials they receive. The big reveal and gifting happens at our Holiday Luncheon in December. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Timetable and instructions for 2024:

Early in the year . . . 

Gather together a small assortment of fabrics (such as two or three fat quarters) plus trims and embellishments that inspire you. Put them in a brown paper bag, add a slip of paper with your name, and tape or staple the bag closed. Give your bag to Holly Watson at a Membership meeting.


March 9—20th Anniversary Luncheon

Deadline for delivering your bag to Holly Watson.


April 13—Thrift Sale Day

You will receive a brown bag of materials. You won’t know their source. (Any remaining bags will be distributed at the May 11 meeting.)


The next eight months . . . 

Create! The fiber art piece you design can take any form. You must use the items in the bag. You may add other materials if you wish.


December 14—Holiday Luncheon

Giftwrap your creation and bring it to AQU’s Holiday Luncheon. Share in the fun as this amazing art is revealed and secret identities become clear! And don’t forget—you’ll be taking home a gift made by a fellow artist using your original materials.

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