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This year-long challenge is organized by Holly Watson. Participating members exchange small bags of fabrics and embellishments anonymously and create works of art from the materials they receive. The big reveal and gifting happens at our Holiday Luncheon in December. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Timetable and instructions for 2024:

Early in the year . . . 

Gather together a small assortment of fabrics (such as two or three fat quarters) plus trims and embellishments that inspire you. Put them in a brown paper bag, add a slip of paper with your name, and tape or staple the bag closed. Give your bag to Holly Watson at a Membership meeting.

Over the summer and into fall  . . . 

Keep Holly informed about your progress.  Do not reveal your project before the December Luncheon. Be as creative and adventurous as you possibly can. This is a project to push those limits!



Explore the colorful, textured, patterned world of the small and mighty. This 2024–2025 challenge celebrates the beauty, diversity, and ecology of our tiniest neighbors. Let the unseen heroes of nature be seen in their full glory!  


Due: March 8, 2025 (at the membership meeting)

Size: Hanging pieces not to exceed  42"W x 58"L;  3D must fit on an 18" x 18" pedestal

Entries: Artists may create two challenge pieces. You may use the same insect or different insects for the two pieces.

1st piece: Up to the max size permitted

2nd piece (optional): MUST be a MINI artwork not to exceed  6" x 6". These pieces are meant to highlight the “small but mighty“ aspect of this theme.

Notes: Each piece must include at least one representation of an insect. It may include other natural elements like flowers, plants, trees, sky, water, and so on.  Your insect may be based on a genuine natural beauty or a fantastic version of a real creature (though you must admit, nature does create some pretty fantastic bugs!)  You may wish to include an educational element in your work, for example, how bees support our well-being or the endangerment of monarch butterflies. You may choose any insects that appeal to your creative spirit.



“exotic insect”

“exotic beetle”

“exotic butterfly”“exotic dragonfly”“exotic caterpillar”“colorful ________”“fuzzy_________”“shiny________”

and so on

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