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Holly Watson, Brown Bag Challenge

Holly organized AQU’s first Brown Bag Challenge in 2023. Members assemble brown bags of fabrics, and Holly distributes them (anonymously) in April. Participants have the rest of the year to create a fiber artwork. The big reveal and gifting happens at the Holiday Luncheon.

Holly’s Story

In 1991, one year before retirement, my mother-in-law gave me a Georgia Bonesteel quilting book. I’d leaf through it once a month and think, maybe someday, when I’m old I would make a quilt. All that changed when I joined a small quilt group and found myself three months later visiting the Paducah Quilt Show. What an eyeopener! I joined Minnesota Quilters and MN Contemporary Quilters. In 2004, after relocating to North Port, Florida, I joined Peace River Quilters in Punta Gorda and the  Art Quilt Lunch Bunch led by Pat Haas. When that group needed a volunteer, I stepped up and began researching magazines and watching YouTube tutorials. Pat introduced me to AQU, and Sally Dutko suggested I become the Workshop chair. I didn’t think I was qualified but decided to give it a try. I love AQU! It’s exciting to see everyone’s unique art techniques and styles. There’s always something new to learn. As for challenges, what can I say? They’re fun and help the creative juices flow. 


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