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Lisa Gorski, 2nd Vice President

Webmaster + Retreat Chair

As 2nd Vice President, Lisa is AQU’s workshop coordinator. After researching different fiber artist/teachers, Lisa works with the Board to schedule two different workshops each year. Lisa has also volunteered to coordinate AQU’s annual retreat, and she boldly jumped in to create our new website, just in time for our 20th anniversary. Lisa’s can-do spirit is full of life and vitality!

Lisa’s Story

I started quilting in 1982. I’ve always been an artsy kind of person. I like hand stitching, and I still love my needle-turn appliqué. I took a class with Cathy Solheim (yes, I still remember her name!), and she took me under her wing in 1993 after my middle son born. I hated the cold, so we moved from Wisconsin to Arizona in 1997 to try the weather there. I came across Mainstreet Mavericks Art Quilters in Mesa, Arizona, and was instantly hooked. Growing up with four brothers and both parents working, I was our family’s “chief cook and bottle washer.” In 1998 while attending Culinary School, I became a full time student/chef. Between family and work, my artistic fiber endeavors often took a back seat. In 1999, I heard about a transfer opportunity and took a job at the Ritz-Carleton in Naples. Several years later, I was in a very bad accident that took away my ability to work. I got back into quilting and discovered AQU in 2005. Between back surgery and six neck surgeries, I’ve been out, down and about, creating and enjoying life with my Artistic Peeps! The photo, taken by Holly Watson while I was eating a goodie, always makes people laugh. I try to keep laughter as my first language, then Fiber!

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