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Marci Mills, Membership Chair​

Marci welcomes all new members and maintains our membership roster. Meet Marci at the welcome table at each meeting.


Marci’s Story

I have been working with fiber all my life. Growing up in Oregon, I lived such a sheltered life that I was unaware that there were colleges and other institutes of higher education that specialized in fiber. I have since become aware of institutions in the Pacific Northwest that I could have attended. Instead, I pursued an education in science hoping to work with dolphins and other sea creatures. I have lived in Florida since 1994, where I discovered a quilting guild as well as a plethora of other fiber arts. Today I enjoy making fish, dolphins, coral, and other fun things. From quilting to weaving, beadwork to embroidery, my fiber voyage has been fun and wonderful, and I have found great friends. I’m always willing to aid my fellow artists. I love AQU!

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