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Maura Ross, Newsletter

Maura is a communications whiz. She writes and edits our monthly newsletter. Every Monday morning, members receive an email from Maura with an overview of all our upcoming events and programs. Maura has coordinated our gallery exhibits for the past few years.

Maura’s Story

Textiles, texture, and tenacity: these are a few of my favorite things. Creating works with textiles, from constructed garments to organic art pieces, has been a lifelong passion. This love led me to a fashion degree (think pattern-making). Soon after, I layered on a degree in graphic design to further enhance my creative thinking. I am quite enthusiastic about exploring various sewing and fabric manipulation techniques, combining them into something new or inventing something completely unique. I am fortunate that my work and my favorite pastime consistently keep me knee-deep in fabric!  Of late, I have taken an interest in upcycling and reinventing fabrics. There are treasures to be uncovered when breathing new life into something considered ready for the bin.

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