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How to step up to help out your Art Group?

Being afraid is most peoples worries. Maybe not enough time? Really its only a several hours once or twice a month. How can I help? We all have knowledge, using that knowledge to help is the best. We all are only human and we all make mistakes. Mistakes makes us stronger and smarter. Don't be afraid to lend in your knowledge. "A group only works as well as its members provide in expertise, More hands make lighter work!"

The group succeeds if all members pitch in! Join in on a class, create and enter into the exhibits: the plus side, you may even cash in on your talent, be active and participate. Its all for the greater good. Having two or more help in each activity really allows the growth of the group.

So approach your board or any residing chair and discuss what you can do to help.

The plus side is you really do make more friends and learn more from each other when the group works well together. It is so liberating!!

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